Reels for Above Ground Pools

If you are looking to install a solar pool cover and reel on an above ground pool, you have several options available. If your pool is decked in, you can simply use a standard inground style reel (as pictured above).…


Reels for Inground Pools

Looking for a reel system for a solar pool cover for an inground pool? There are lots of options. Adjustable height, fixed height, stationary and mobile, to suit a range of pool and blanket sizes. Hydrotools solar reels are made…


Accessory Products

All Hydrotools Solar Reels come with adjustable blanket fasteners, a protective overcover and flexible fittings to make installing and using your pool cover and reel easy! HRCASTOR Set of 4 (Single) castors. Lockable. Can be retro fitted. Suits HRFM, HRJM,HRST…

About Us

Why Hydrotools® A HydroTools Solar Reel is the ideal way to handle and protect your pool blanket. The reel helps you to roll your blanket on and off the pool, quickly and easily. All HydroTools Reels include adjustable blanket fasteners,… ...

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Everything you need

"Unlike other brands, every genuine Hydrotools Solar Reel is supplied with a reflective overcover, to protect your solar pool cover."